Water Treatment Solutions

Water Treatment Solutions

Untreated water can be hazardous to your health. The best water treatment solutions for your Murrieta, CA home can take untreated water and make it safe for human consumption (also called potable water). It can also be softened, so it is better for washing clothes, cleaning dishes and easier on your hair and skin. Below, we’ve compared the most common water treatment solutions to help you find the best fit for you.

Untreated Water Dangers

The human body is about 60% water. Therefore, having high-quality water to drink can have a direct impact on your family's health. It is even more important when you have small children or pregnant women in your home because their immune systems are already more compromised.

Water treatment solutions can fix both superficial and fundamental problems with your water. You might want to use one of the systems to improve unpleasant tastes, odors or colors. Or, you could use systems to remove more serious dangers, such as bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms, waterborne contaminants, grime, silt or hazardous chemicals.

These are the primary home water treatment solutions on the market:
  • Disinfection - The disinfection system can use either physical or chemical processes to remove large particles or kill pathogenic microorganisms. Disinfection uses heat, ultraviolet light, chlorine, ozone or electronic radiation to cleanse your water.
  • Distillation - You might have heard of people boiling their water to purify it. This is the concept behind distillation. The steam is collected in a separate container with the most advanced distillation techniques. Unfortunately, solid contaminants might remain.
  • Filtration - Reverse osmosis is a popular filtration solution. It uses a physical, biological or chemical process to remove contaminants.
  • Water Softener - Water softeners will use sodium or potassium to remove calcium or magnesium from hard water. Soft water will work better with your laundry soap. It will also reduce the calcium deposits on your pots, pans, and pipes.

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