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Inland Empire Plumbing Maintenance

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Like all mechanical systems in our everyday lives, your plumbing is susceptible to degradation and damage. In the absence of regular maintenance, the decline of your plumbing system can lead to larger problems. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how much they can save through early identification of plumbing leaks or back-ups.

We frequently diagnose and resolve smaller problems during maintenance visits that could have turned into significant water damage in no time. At 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air, our skilled technicians perform thorough plumbing maintenance in the Inland Empire to keep our customers’ plumbing systems running at top performance.

What You Can Expect from Our Preventative Maintenance

Many repair services that we perform usually turn out to just need simple tune-ups. We recommend that you sign up for our regular preventative maintenance to ensure that you won’t be bothered again by minor issues that usually cause huge interruptions to your schedule.

Our Inland Empire plumbing maintenance includes:

  • Trap cleaning: In order to ensure that it works properly, your grease trap should be cleaned out on a regular basis. We assist residential and commercial customers with keeping their grease traps in top shape.
  • Water pressure inspections: From your shower to your lawn sprinkler system, every part of your water system can exhibit problems with water pressure. Our technicians are experts at identifying the source of these problems and getting repairs done fast.
  • Pipe cleaning: Ensuring that your pipes are free from mineral deposits, grease, and other debris is crucial to avoiding backups or pipe damage. We perform regular pipe cleaning during maintenance visits.
  • Detection of plumbing odors: Plumbing odors can stem from backups within water lines, sewer lines, or even breaks in gas lines. We can perform an inspection and repair the source of the problem.
  • Overall pipe and fixture inspections and tune-ups: Inspection of your water systems, fixtures, and pipes allows us to identify problem areas before catastrophe strikes.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

In time, every aspect of your plumbing system can manifest problems. Outside of performing preventative repairs, our technicians can also use maintenance inspections to keep you prepared ahead of time for any necessary replacements or larger repairs. Knowing ahead of time helps you budget these expenses more easily rather than being surprised by the cost.

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