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Fixing Slab Leaks

Inland Empire Slab Leak Detection & Repair

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If your home or commercial structure has a slab foundation beneath it, it could develop a slab leak at some point. The phenomenon known as a slab leak is a plumbing leak that occurs beneath the structure’s foundation. All too often, water leaks beneath a foundation can cause a staggering amount of damage before detection.

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Common Signs Of Slab Leaks

It is helpful to know some of the subtle signs that you may be suffering from one. One of the indications is an escalating utility bill from water loss. If you suspect that you may have a slab leak, contact 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air. Our slab leak detection in the Inland Empire can quickly and reliably determine whether you have a leak and address the plumbing problem.

Other Indications Of A Slab Leak Include:

  • Hot floor spots: Areas of your floor could emanate an unexpected warmth if a hot water leak exists.
  • Sounds of running water: When you hear water in your walls, ceiling, or floors, this is a good indication that you may be suffering from a leak.
  • Reduced water pressure: Wasted water due to a slab leak in your foundation can result in a small or dramatic reduction in water pressure.
  • Moisture spots: Dampness or visible moisture coming through surfaces in your home point to a leak that is already causing damage.

Other Places Where Slab Leaks Occur

If your home or building has concrete surfaces outside of the foundation, such as a concrete balcony, these areas are also susceptible to slab leaks. If you observe running water or cracks with collected moisture in them on upper floors, these could point to leaking water pipes. In many cases, slab leaks in these locations can threaten worse damage than one in a foundation due to all of the paths that leaking water can take down through your home. Our slab leak repair in the Inland Empire can help you to avoid a simple leak from escalating into major water damage.

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