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Understanding Water Treatments

Water Treatments in Riverside County

Treatment Solutions for Riverside & San Bernardino County Residents

It is a universal truth that we all need water. Sadly, while local municipal water companies may maintain a high degree of purity within their internal systems, the water that reaches your property is very different. Contaminants reach and enter the water through the various lines leading to your home or building until it can be quite dirty.

Drinking or using this water in food prep can carry an alarming chance of infection from bacteria. The solution lies in a reliable water purification system to treat the water entering your building.

5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air provides water treatment installations in Hemet and surrounding areas that include:

  • Thorough testing of water quality
  • Installation of water filtration solutions
  • Water softening solutions
  • Installation of water purification systems

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Installation of Water Treatment Systems

Our Riverside County plumbers can perform a full inspection of your water system in order to recommend the right solution for your space. Water purification is slightly more complex than other plumbing situations; we strongly recommend you call on the professionals to get your unit installed correctly.

Your water supply may contain a wide variety of particulates and a properly functioning water purification system for your home or commercial space means a complete difference in the quality of water coming out of your faucets and shower heads.

In certain rarer cases, your water supply may contain more hazardous contaminants. Certain water purification systems are less than ideal in these cases, as they may not specifically target these types of particulates. Substances such as nitrates or arsenic in the water may demand specialty housing or other water purification process. We can advise you on the right purification solution for your water.

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