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How to Detect Leaks in Your Home

Inland Empire Leak Detection

Rapid Leak Location & Repairs in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Do you suspect that your home or building has a water leak? Certain warning signs can indicate that it is time for a professional inspection. When you hear the sound of running water inside your walls or observe damp discolorations in carpeting, these can signal a leak.

Even without these strong hints, you may be seeing a spike in your utility bill due to lost water from your pipe system. Whatever the signs you’re seeing, you should act fast if you believe your pipes have sprung a leak. In time, even a small leak can lead to foundation damage and other problems for your home. At 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air, we perform reliable leak detection and repair to prevent water catastrophes.

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5 Signs You Have A Leak

1. Water bills that are too high - If you haven't changed your water consumption, but your water bills are still rising then it's likely you have a leak that's requiring more water in your home than before.

2. Stains on your walls or ceilings - If you're lucky, then your leak will be in an area that will stain the ceilings or walls in a place where you can see it. If you do see any water stains, then contact our Inland Empire leak detection specialists to get to the bottom of your leak.

3. The smell of mold - When there's standing water in an area without good ventilation, mold growth is almost inevitable. If you suspect anything, it's good to act on these observations quickly because mold growth can spread and get worse over time.

4. Cracks in your walls or ceilings - If you see any cracks in your walls or ceiling, or any cracks in the paint even then contact our Inland Empire leak detection professionals. The cracks could be coming from extended water pressure in an area that's not supposed to get water pressure.

5. Your water meter keeps ticking - The best way to test if you have a leak is to turn off all of the water inside and outside of your house. If your water meter is still ticking, or the dial is moving when everything is turned off then you have a leak.

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Though you may be aware of a leak somewhere in your home or structure, it can be exceedingly difficult to know where the leak occurs or how it began. The sound of the leak in a particular area of your home may not be near the source of the problem. Our Inland Empire plumbers are experienced with every variety of leak and capable of performing a thorough inspection to find the real source of the problem.

Water leaks can come from a variety of sources:

  • Deposits of hard water
  • Corrosion in your pipes
  • Damaged or dented pipes
  • Old water lines

Quality Leak Detection Services You Can Trust

Whatever the cause of your leak, our Inland Empire leak detection team has the tools and know-how to perform a rapid and hassle-free inspection. We will take care of any needed repairs to resolve the leak fast and get you back to comfortable living.

When you need expert Inland Empire leak detection and repairs, call 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air at (951) 363-2911.

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