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Septic Installation Service in Riverside County

Reliable Septic Systems In Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

When most people think of septic systems, they consider them a relic of the plumbing past. This isn’t an entirely false idea but the conditions that necessitate them still do exist in areas throughout California. As a homeowner or commercial property owner in Hemet or surrounding areas, you may be coming to understand that all it takes for a septic system to look increasingly appealing is the lack of proximity to sewer lines for many properties.

At 5 Star Plumbing, Heating and Air, we perform septic installation in Riverside County for residential and commercial customers. If you need guidance on what solution would best suit your needs, our plumbing technician can perform an inspection and advise you.

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Septic System Function Explained

In the absence of a sewer line for the removal of wastewater, septic tanks serve that valuable function. Rather than waste being removed through the sewer line, the septic system behaves as a fully contained waste treatment facility right on your property. After the wastewater has been treated, the gray water is eliminated finally through leach fields.

The Septic Process Typically Includes The Following Steps:

  • Wastewater enters the first tank of your septic system where aerobic bacteria digest the waste present into smaller particles.
  • Any waste that goes undigested will collect at the bottom of the tank as a sludge.
  • Any lighter undigested components such as oils or grease will collect on the surface as a scum.
  • The middle layer of water is referred to as effluent, and this is what will eventually pass on to the second tank of the septic system.
  • In the second tank, the effluent waits until it is pushed on by more water from the first tank entering.
  • Effluent will finally travel from the second tank to a leach field or cesspit to be distributed to the soil.

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